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act started a small computer museum back in 1995 when the internet was still in its infancy.
Since then we have collected some interesting pieces of old technology and computers.
It's amazing how technology has progressed.
Technology museum
DSC09403 (Large).JPG
main display case of old technology
(C64,Macintosh II, Macbook, Atari, etc.)
DSC09416 (Large).JPG
Mac vs PC (1995)
Power Macintosh G3
ACT build PC desktop
486DX 33, 4MB Ram, 120MB Hdd,
Windows 95
DSC09397 (Large).JPG
IBM portable PC
8088 XT CPU
DSC09415 (Large).JPG
DSC09417 (Large).JPG
Silver PowerMac G4
(2002) very rare
DSC09406 (Large).JPG
Commodore 64
Commodore Tape Drive
Commodore 1541 Floppy Drive
HP PalmTop mini PC
Old Phone
Macbook (early)
DSC09404 (Large).JPG
Macintosh Plus (1986)
Old Joystick
Macbook (early)
DSC09407 (Large).JPG
Kings Quest Game
Halo Game
Franklin Wordmaster
56K U.S. Robotics Dial up modem
DSC09408 (Large).JPG
Windows 95 upgrade
Halo Game
Kings Quest Game
Zip Disk
8" Floppy Disk
Franklin Wordmaster
DSC09402 (Large).JPG
Intel Microscope (1996)
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