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Available April 2024, hardcopy and digital

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Our Computer Store: The ACT Journey

from breakfix to MSP


This book is for anyone interested in a brutally honest story of running a computer store, starting in the pivotal year of 1995 – a time when computers and the Internet were blossoming into the forces they are today. It's a tale of lessons learned, challenges faced, and triumphs celebrated in an ever-evolving industry.

I am Jürgen Schwanitz, born in Germany in 1976 and an immigrant to America at the age of thirteen. My fascination with computers started early, ignited by my father, who worked in office furniture and data security in Germany. He often brought home old computer equipment, and by five or six years old, I was already dismantling and exploring these machines, driven by curiosity and wonder.

My first personal computer, a Commodore VIC-20, was a gift from my parents, intended to help me improve my spelling in school. However, I quickly found myself more captivated by the computer itself and the world of programming than by its intended educational use. This marked the beginning of a lifelong passion, one that transcended beyond mere spell-checking to shaping my future career path.

My journey is not just about technology but also about adapting to a new country, learning, and growing with every challenge. In these pages, you'll find not just the history of ACT Computers but also the experiences and insights I've gained over the years."


about the author:

Jurgen Schwanitz


Born in Germany an immigrated to the USA in 1990, now age 47 residing in Vero Beach, Florida. First computer in 1983 VIC20 and Commodore 64, first PC in 1991. Originally persued programming but developed into I.T. services. 1993 First I.T. repair tech job after high school, 5 tech company but was promoted to main tech after 1st year. 1995 Started ACT COMPUTERS with very humble beginnings and grew from 500 square feet retail and MSP to 3500 square foot location after mayor expansion in 2010. Now employing 10 full time technicians are known for quality and effienct work in Indian River. Our business is very uniqe as we are one of the only real remaining Computer retail stores left with MSP. We offer 24 hour service. > One of the first Microft OEM Systems builders > Lenovo retailer > Numerious tech qualifications throughout years. >Skilled in programming languages Assembly and C++. >Host of TECHTALK show

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